Thursday, July 24, 2014

bump watch: 38 weeks

38 weeks pregnant.  i have been pregnant for 267 days.  it is REALLY starting to feel like forever.

so big news this week.  i had my 38 week/pre op/prep for c-section final appointment today, and this child (OBVIOUSLY takes after her father) is HEAD DOWN!!!!!!!  after all of that mental preparation, getting ready for surgery, people taking off work, etc, little miss decided to go ahead and flip for us.  5 days before my c-section. 

i am obviously happy i don't have to have major abdominal surgery and can experience labor.  but i am also super overwhelmed that she decided to flip and i now have to wrap my brain around not knowing when shes coming, having less time off work, and preparing for the unknown.  so as of now, the c section is cancelled and we are playing the waiting game til this little one decides to make her grand entrance. 

on the normal pregnancy stuff, i am sitting at 26 lbs gained, blood pressure is still good, and i am having minimal swelling. i took my rings off around 37 weeks and haven't put them back on. (too worried they will get stuck.) i am still having a hard time sleeping, ESPECIALLY last night during an insane thunderstorm which prompted our 90 lb baby to cry and want to lay on top of oliver all night.  

her nursery is pretty much ready, save for a couple of "daddy" projects oliver has to finish up.  we got a new big tv for our room so we moved our old little one to the nursery for me to use while i am on leave and nursing the baby in there.  he is going to mount it for me too.  :) and we need a shelf up as well. 

i just keep washing clothes as i get them and blankets and stuff, but all her newborn and 0-3 size clothes are washed and put away in her dresser, and the diaper station is set up.  we also have the pack n play all assembled and washed in our room for when she gets home, and my hospital bag, baby's bag, and a snack bag are all packed.  we still need to get the carseat in my car and oliver will need to pack...but i'm not feeling rushed on that stuff.  

i still feel pretty good, but i am getting to the point of just wanting this to be over and to be able to hold her. i'm not sure how much of that feeling is because of the huge news we got today, or if i am just getting uncomfortable, but i can see why women are absolutely ready towards the end.  i get weird twinges sometimes which MIGHT be contractions, but so far i'm not showing any signs of labor.  sooooo...could be tomorrow and could be two weeks. who knows???  

anyway thats it for this week! i will keep you all posted on the progress of this crazy little girl!  


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

bump watch: 37 weeks

today is 37 weeks, aka I AM FULL TERM!!!  holy cow. i cannot believe this day is here.  it feels like i've been pregnant forever, but i am also slightly freaked out about the pregnancy being done and me and oliver being responsible for a real live BABY!

all in all, i feel pretty dang good still.  sleep sucks, honestly, but at this point i am over it because i know when shes born i'm not going to be sleeping either. so i just get a couple of hours at a time.  coffee is my friend in the mornings.  i have gained 25 lbs, and that number seems to be holding steady for the past couple of weeks. i am actually happy with that, and if i can deliver and stay under 30 total i will definitely be a happy camper.  i have some minimal heartburn but even that isn't bad. i probably take a tums once every other week or something.  my worst symptom at this point is catching my breath.  baby girl is wedged into my lungs and its hard for me to feel like i am getting any air.

i got the group B strep test (negative) and the doctor re-checked my iron levels and my platelets at my last visit, and everything is normal.  my platelets are still very slightly low, but they want you to be over 100 for an epidural, and mine are at 134.  so we aren't having to worry about them anymore.

this stubborn baby is just like her dad and has decided to make herself at home in a frank breech position.  frank breech means her head is up and her feet are up, and her bottom is way down in my pelvis.  so shes folded up like a pretzel in there.  this obviously makes for some complications at delivery, because vaginally delivering a breech baby has some concerns and most OBs wont do it. SO. i have a c-section scheduled!  at first i was freaked out and really really sad that my first (and most likely all subsequent) birth would be a c-section.  but after talking more to my doctor and close friends who have had one or are in the same boat, i am ok with it.  i just want her to be here safely and if thats the best way, then so be it.  i get to pick a pandora station for the surgery and the way that it all goes is still very mom and baby friendly (she gets placed on my chest immediately after birth, she never leaves me or olivers sight unless there is a medical reason, we do an hour of skin to skin as soon as i am in recovery) so i really do feel at peace with it all.

i've started to pack my hospital bag and to think about what i want to bring to little miss. i guess i really need to have that stuff ready like...yesterday.  whoops! i definitely will be doing it this week.  we are scheduled on my 39th week but i technically could go into labor anytime before then.  so its better to be prepared. we also need to get the car seat installed.

i am pretty much only wearing skirts and dresses now. i feel like pants are just too uncomfortable for me, and my dresses and skirts are super comfy and aren't constricting like pants are.  shorts are ok too.  its getting hard to find stuff big enough to sleep in, so i might have to start stealing oliver's big t-shirts or something.

i think thats pretty much it for this week...i will post again at 38!


some major lopsided belly action