Sunday, March 23, 2014

felicia's baby shower

yesterday i had the pleasure of co-hosting a baby shower for my good friend, felicia.  her sister, cousin, friend and i put together a little shindig at the house for baby luke, scheduled to arrive sometime in late april.  cannot wait to meet him!!  we went with green, blues, and a hint of a monkey theme for this march shower. 

that is a boob hat.  yes. 
i love you felicia! cannot wait to meet baby luke!

bump watch: 20 weeks

whoops...almost 21 weeks.  i am really terrible at keeping up with this!

so, things are going good with the pregnancy so far.  in actuality, my LIFE is much more hardcore than being pregnant right now.  in march we had: rodeo committee, new job (for me), 2 weddings to style, a baby shower to host, and...oh yeah. growing a baby.  we are almost out of the woods though, and i am SO excited to see april!!!

so with the pregnancy, i feel pretty good.  sleep is good, unless oliver comes home late and wakes me up (ahem).  i've been going to lay down and read around 9 or 9:30 and passing out around 10:30-11.  i am still taking lots and lots of baths, and so far i have no stretch marks.  in fact, i really feel like i am just now really starting to show.  in the blue striped dress, its obviously tight so you can see the belly progressing, but just last night a stranger commented on my belly.  so thats exciting! (and kind of weird.)

i am wearing mainly maternity pants now. i tried the belly band with my work pants and HATED it.  it was ok the first couple times, but after awhile, i started to feel like my pants were gonna fall off.  not good. so now i have purchased some super cute pants from gap and feel comfy at work.  i've gained about 6 pounds now, which, i have to admit, it does freak me out to get on the scale and see the numbers go up, but i know its all good for the baby.

the baby is doing good...and the baby is a SHE!!!  we found out on tuesday for sure that she is a she.  she was waving her hands around, grabbing her feet, and practicing swallowing in her anatomy scan.  everything looks great with baby, but the placenta is not really in the correct spot.  i have whats called marginal low lying placenta, which basically means pelvic rest for a month and we will do a repeat ultrasound in 4 weeks to make sure it moves (which the doctor is sure it will.  i'm not worried.) 

we are pretty sure we have a name picked out, but want to marinate on it for a few days/weeks before we officially officially say thats her name.  i did tell my dad, and he's not a fan of the middle name (something about a crazy aunt in arkansas?? ) but he will come around, i am sure.  :) 

baby girl is moving around like CRAZY these days.  to the point where i can feel her kicking and pushing from the outside.  when i asked my doctor why i felt her so early and so strongly, she said that my placenta is in the back of the baby, meaning the baby is right there under the skin without the placenta in the way.  so...very strong kicks happening from lil miss!  oliver hasn't felt her move yet, but he can feel my tummy and feel where shes at.  (she moves around a lot...all over the place.) 

other than that--things are good in the willingham casa!  bump pic is below....yikes. i look huge!!  and baby girl ultrasound pic for fun.  :)