Wednesday, April 23, 2014

bump watch: 25 weeks

today is my little hopey bears 13th birthday and also marks my 25th week of pregnancy!!  (can you believe hope is a TEENAGER??? me either.)

all in all, things are going pretty well. we are cruising right along in the pregnancy.  we just got back from our 2nd annual easter camping trip, which i will write about separately, and life is pretty good. i mentioned in my last post that my placenta was marginally-low lying--well, at my 24 week apt it has moved! so no more pelvic rest and no more potential talks about a c-section because of the placenta.  HOWEVER, i did get some other news.  i am anemic, so they are starting me on iron pills, and i also have low platelet count.  the iron thing we can fix with pills and foods (olivers researched what foods i should be eating) but the platelets are just one of those things.  in pregnancy, the doctors like to see the platelet count of 154-370ish i think, and mine are at 134.  so not terribly low, but definitely something to watch.  if they go below 100 around the time of delivery, an epidural is apparently out of the question.


there's that.

but i'm (we're) choosing to think positively and not worry.  i'm a natural worrier, and i honestly feel proud of how LITTLE worrying i have done so far regarding the baby, pregnancy in general, etc.  my bff annie has even mentioned how impressed she is with my lack of worrying.

the anemia, now that i know that is what is causing the tiredness, makes sense and actually makes me feel a little bit better to know that there's actually something wrong and i am not just a lazy bum.  i am anxious to get my iron pills started and see if that kicks the energy back up.  right now i could lay down and sleep for about 4 hours.  that is not conducive to getting a lot of stuff done.

we have picked a name and shared it with family and friends..but i don't think i want to share on the blog JUST IN CASE.  maybe i will change my mind later in the pregnancy, but for now, i don't really want it out there like that.

little miss is still kicking up a storm in there, to the point where oliver, family, friends, and i think harley can feel and see her moving, and i can feel her over my clothes (instead of having to have a hand on my bare belly).  she especially likes to kick after lunch and after dinner, when her dad is playing music, when her sister is barking, and at loud noises.  she also likes when i take my baths.  as far as what i've gotten done so far....the list is short.  we picked a daycare and i am pretty sure we have a pediatrician picked out, but thats really it.  her room is still the guest room and dark blue, and i've got to paint the hallway and guest bath too.  we also need to register and start getting ready to have a real live baby in the house.  it seems far away in some ways, but i know once may 1 is here, its going to FLY.  3 months from cinco de mayo, i could be having a baby!

as far as the weight gain, i have gained 13 lbs so far, which my doc says is fine.  ugh.  i hate seeing the scale go up, but oliver is good about reassuring me that shes healthy and i am healthy and need to gain weight.  since i am back off pelvic rest, we started my little "work outs" too.  he is big on getting me to stretch my body and get stronger for labor and delivery, and harley is happy to walk the mile around our neighborhood with me. so i do have a great support system for trying to get strong and ready for her birth.

on a non-baby update, work is going good. i miss the interns, as much as i hate to admit it, but i think if i did have to manage that program right now i would be SO stressed.  i am getting ready to study for and take my PMP exam.  i'll be so happy when that is behind me and i can focus on baby baby baby.  i've got both showers on the calendar for june, and cannot wait!!! but i also have been receiving the cutest baby stuff from friends and family.  baby's cousin scott got her a little camo dress for deer season, and she got boots and headbands from scott's wife tonya.  she also got a vera bradley onesie from her aunt mims, and some adorable burp cloths and a silver baby spoon from my work friend tammy.  she is going to be one spoiled girl!

Ok enough's my 25 week bump pic. I have given up on the whole mess of taking them with the big camera and uploading, etc. so bathroom selfies are where it's at for the next 15 weeks. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

felicia's baby shower

yesterday i had the pleasure of co-hosting a baby shower for my good friend, felicia.  her sister, cousin, friend and i put together a little shindig at the house for baby luke, scheduled to arrive sometime in late april.  cannot wait to meet him!!  we went with green, blues, and a hint of a monkey theme for this march shower. 

that is a boob hat.  yes. 
i love you felicia! cannot wait to meet baby luke!